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Classification and structure of hydraulic cylinders

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Good quality Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder for sales
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Classification and structure of hydraulic cylinders

     The hydraulic cylinder is the actuator in the hydraulic drive system when it is used.In use, it is mainly an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.In operation, its hydraulic motor achieves a continuous rotary motion.The hydraulic cylinder realizes reciprocating motion.The structure of the hydraulic cylinder includes three types: piston cylinder, plunger cylinder and swing cylinder. The piston cylinder and the plunger cylinder realize reciprocating linear motion.Output speed and thrust,The swing cylinder realizes reciprocating swing,Output angular velocity and torque.Hydraulic cylinders can be used in combination of two or more or in combination with other mechanisms, in addition to being used singly.To complete a special function.The hydraulic cylinder has a simple structure and reliable operation, and has been widely used in the hydraulic system of the machine tool.


Classification of hydraulic cylinders


     There are various structural forms of hydraulic cylinders, and there are many classification methods: according to the movement mode, it can be divided into linear reciprocating type and rotary swing type. According to the action of the liquid pressure, it can be divided into single-acting and double-acting, according to the structure. The form can be divided into piston type, plunger type, multi-stage telescopic sleeve type, rack and pinion type, etc. According to the installation method, it can be divided into drawbars, earrings, feet, hinge shafts, etc. According to the pressure level, it can be divided into 16Mpa, 25Mpa. , 31.5Mpa, etc.


     When the hydraulic cylinder is operated, it can be effectively divided into two types: single rod type and double rod type. The fixing method is fixed by the cylinder block and the piston rod. According to the action of the hydraulic pressure, there are single acting and double acting. . In a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, the pressure oil is only supplied to one chamber of the hydraulic cylinder, and the cylinder is unidirectionally moved by the hydraulic pressure, and the reverse movement is achieved by an external force (such as spring force, self-weight or external load); The movement of the hydraulic cylinder piston in two directions is alternately introduced into the oil through the two chambers, and is completed by the action of the hydraulic pressure.


    One side of the hydraulic cylinder piston is provided with a piston rod, so that the effective working areas of the two chambers are different. When the oil supply amount is the same, different chambers enter the oil, and the movement speed of the piston is different. When the load force to be overcome is the same, the oil supply pressure is different for different chambers, and the required oil supply pressure is different, or after the system pressure is set, the sanitation The load force that the garbage truck hydraulic cylinder can overcome in two directions is different.

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