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Anti-rust work and use process of hydraulic cylinder

Good quality Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder for sales
Good quality Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder for sales
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Anti-rust work and use process of hydraulic cylinder

    The working principle of the hydraulic cylinder in the process of working is to use hydraulic oil as the transmission medium. When using the main hydraulic pump, the main pump is used to pressurize the hydraulic oil. The conversion of the control valve is transmitted to each working device for work, for the whole machine. Energy transfer plays a very important role.


    In order to achieve better work, hydraulic cylinders have higher requirements for hydraulic components, high requirements for cleanliness and oil quality, and the pressure on the hydraulic cylinders is very high. Maintenance work is an important part of the maintenance of the hydraulic system.


    1. The hydraulic cylinder should be regularly replaced with the cleaning system filter and hydraulic oil in the process of use to ensure the cleanliness of the cylinder and prolong its service life.


    2. The hydraulic cylinder needs to be rust-proof. The piston part of the hydraulic cylinder will be eroded by oxides and acid gases during the working condition. We need to apply grease to protect it from the occurrence of component breakage.


    3. Control system temperature. Excessive oil temperature in the hydraulic cylinder will reduce the service life of the seal. If the oil temperature is too high for a long time, the seal will be deformed for a long time, resulting in complete failure.


    4. The hydraulic oil needs to be replaced regularly and used for a long time. If foreign matter enters the hydraulic cylinder, it is normal. We need to change the hydraulic oil regularly. Otherwise, the foreign matter will increase the friction and the oil will not change for a long time. The hydraulic cylinder is erosive and damaged.


    5. The hydraulic cylinder needs to do the work of protecting the piston rod to a certain extent, so that the external damage of the sealing member can be effectively prevented, and the sediment needs to be cleaned frequently to a certain extent, so that the dirt that is difficult to clean can be prevented from entering the cylinder. The internal damage piston is either a seal.


    6. Lubricate the joints regularly to prevent abnormal wear and corrosion in the absence of oil.


    7. Regularly check the joints of the threads and other parts. Once it is found to be loose, it needs to be fastened immediately.

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