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Hydraulic cylinder installation requirements and Structural compositing

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Good quality Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder for sales
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Hydraulic cylinder installation requirements and Structural compositing

    The hydraulic cylinder is placed in a high-pressure and miniaturized state, and its high pressure in the process of operation is an effective way to reduce the radial dimension and reduce the weight of the hydraulic cylinder and reduce the volume of the entire hydraulic equipment. New materials and lightweight for hydraulic cylinders. With the high-pressure, miniaturization, and detection of the operating environment of hydraulic cylinders, new materials and lightweight have become one of the solutions.

    The novel structure of the hydraulic cylinder is compounded. In order to get used to the expansion of the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic cylinders of various novel structures are constantly appearing, such as self-controlled hydraulic cylinders, self-locking hydraulic cylinders, and steel cable hydraulics. Cylinders, movable hydraulic cylinders and composite hydraulic cylinders.


    What should you pay attention to when installing hydraulic cylinders?

    1. Before the hydraulic cylinder is used, it is necessary to carefully check the machining quality of the shaft end, the hole pin, etc., chamfer and remove the burrs, then wash and dry with kerosene or gasoline.

    2. The sliding surface of the device surface and the piston should adhere to a certain degree of parallelism and straightness.

    3. The center line of the cylinder should be concentric with the effect line of the load force to prevent lateral forces. Otherwise the seal or piston is prone to wear.

    4. The pin hole of the piston rod should be in the same direction as the pin hole of the earring. Otherwise, the cylinder will be subjected to the tortuous load with the trunnion as the fulcrum, causing wear and seizure.

    5. In the case where the forming process is large and the ambient temperature is high, the cylinder can only be fixed at one end, and the other end adheres to the self-elastic condition to prevent thermal expansion and cause the cylinder to deform.

    6. For cylinders with larger strokes, support should be provided in the middle of the cylinder block and the piston rod to prevent the downward bending of the self-weight.

    7. The sealing ring of the cylinder can not be installed too tightly under normal circumstances, especially the u-type sealing group. If it is too tight, the movement resistance of the piston rod will increase.


    Hydraulic cylinders need to follow the deepening of hydraulic skills and the expansion of the field of use and occasions. They constantly put forward new requirements for the working functions, structure, application scale, production precision, appearance, materials and experimental methods of hydraulic cylinders. The development and advancement of hydraulic cylinders.

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